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Hodag Country Festival Bartender/Stocker

Rhinelander Ice Association
Job Description
Want a FREE 9 Day Ticket to Hodag Country Fest?  Sign up to Bartend!
What's it about?  Volunteer for 4 shifts or more to bartend or stock/barback at Hodag Country Festival and receive a wristband and parking (and you get to keep your tips)

When?  July 6-14  (see below for the available shifts)

This is a volunteer position.  You will receive your tips you make during each shift (we will ask for 10% during busy shifts to goto stockers).  You will be provided a T-shirt (which is mandatory to wear while bartending).  You must work at least 4 shifts, you will be provided a wristband for entry for the entire 9 days and a parking pass.

What's the catch?  There is no catch, but you must follow all bartending rules and direction of the supervisors.  Hodag Country Festival provides a donation to Rhinelander Ice Association (Figure Skating and Hockey) for organizing the bartending schedule and supervision.  You do NOT need to have any affiliation with RIA to volunteer.

Do I need experience?  Experience is nice, but not a must.  Most mixed drinks being poured are rather simple, and beer is served "by the can".  We try to schedule as many experienced and fast bartenders during the busiest times but you are welcome to contact us even if you are inexperienced and we'll see if we have the spots in the schedule for you.

Bartenders MUST be at least 18 years old.  (preferably 21).  Stockers must be at least 14 years old.

Click link to volunteer bartend @ Hodag! -
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